August 1st, 2017 

You Must Try On A Pair Of Our Colombian Jeans!

 If you have ever gone shopping and tried on a pair of jeans, you know the struggle. What struggle? When you find a pair of jeans you love and they fit your thighs but they do not fit the other parts of your body because they are not form fitting. It can be the most frustrating thing in the world when you are trying on jeans and they fit your hips but there is still extra space in between your back and the jeans. Sometimes a pair of jeans will fit your waist and there is no space but the length is off. Most times, girls don’t even like shopping for jeans because of how difficult it can be to find a pair that they love and fit well. Luckily, at the Voga Style boutique in Miami, our Colombian jeans will fit your leg and waist perfectly.


Our Form Fitting Jeans


All girls know how difficult it is to find the “perfect fitting jeans”. Imagine walking around the mall and shopping in multiple stores but coming out empty handed because the jeans you try on fit your hips but nothing else. They feel uncomfortable and look too tight around your lower hips or completely loose in the waist band. If this is happening in multiple stores or shopping trips, you may become discouraged, but do not stop your search just yet! You must come into Voga Style in Miami and seek out jeans from our selection. Our Colombian jeans are tailored to fit the women that cannot seem to find a pair of jeans that fits the length of their leg and the size of their bottom. Our jeans are made for shapely women with small waists, and are very stretchy! Having the stretch aspect added to our jeans allows you to have a pair of jeans that conforms to your figure without having to tailor them yourself or wear a belt. Also, the fabric is lighter so you are not sweating all day in the city of Miami if you want to wear a pair of jeans. The lighter weight denim fabric allows for more oxygen access to your legs so you never feel suffocated by the fabric of the jean. They do not make jeans like this in the US.


All of our jeans come with an elastic band to fit your body perfectly. The cut of fabric allows women with a curvy yet petite figure to find the perfect pair of jeans. Patterns truly make a differenc,e and by having the elastic band at the very back of the pant, this eliminates the need to wear a belt in order to prevent the dreaded “but gap”.


We Don’t Just Sell Pants!


Although our Colombian jeans are a very popular selling point, we also offer other clothing options including stunning, sexy dresses, rompers, bathing suits, shoes, tops, and even intimates! We want women to feel beautiful and empowered every day and it all starts with what they put on in the morning. All of our clothes contain at least one form fitting element to them. We have body hugging dresses and also more flowing types of dresses. Our longer dresses are form fitting which showcases your curves and tighter up top so you can show off your assets.


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When you have almost given up in the battle to find american jeans that fit your curvy yet petite body, come check out Voga Style in Miami and purchase a pair of our amazing and light weight jeans that you can wear comfortably (even when you are walking the beaches of Miami). To find out more about our form fitting clothing, call us today at 305-829-3805 or visit our website

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